New beginnings

New shoes. New school bag. New classroom. New pupils (well, some new pupils). New responsibilities.

Today is the last day of the holidays. It’s a lovely warm, sunny day and I’ve spent most of it doing diversionary activities so that I don’t actually have to organise myself for the morning. I’ve also remembered all those things I was going to do in the summer holidays but didn’t get round to. Maybe I’ll get them done in October half term instead. Or maybe not.

I’m usually quite excited at this point in the year, looking forward to the year ahead and getting back into a routine. I’m not so excited this year, but I can’t quite put my finger on why.

I’m moving into a new class this September, from Y2/3 back up to Y4/5/6, although last time I taught upper KS2 was in a different school. I’ll have taught this year’s Y4s and Y5s before and know that there are some quite challenging issues to cope with. My new room is the oldest room in school – a real Victorian classroom with windows too high to see out of. It’s also a corridor from the old part of the school to the new, so has a constant stream of children and adults walking through. It’s also been attacked by builders in the holidays, who have undone all my hard work setting up the room in the first weeks of the break. I have no idea what I will find in the morning, but my Headteacher forbade me from going in to school today to check, warning me it would just make me cry.

I will have a high proportion of statements and SEN children this year, necessitating four extra adults in the classroom with me. I’m also hosing my first ITT student this term. So, lots of new experiences coming up.

One thing I am really looking forward to is taking on some responsibility for teaching and learning in school, in addition to my English and ICT co-ordinator roles. I’m not sure quite what that’s going to entail yet in a 3 class school, but it’s exciting nonetheless.


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